New Year – New Website?

Now that 2016 is upon us, have you considered upgrades or a new website for your business?

How does your website look on a Mobile device that users are increasingly using to access the web?
You can easily check by using Firefox browser.
Simply go to your website and press CTRL + SHIFT + M together and the browser transforms into a ‘View by resolution’ browser! Just change the resolution to see what your website looks like on various devices.
For instance at resolution 320 X 480 you are viewing asĀ an iPhone 5 or less.

We can offer you a competitive quote to transform your website to be fully compatible and useable on ALL Devices like Desktops, Iphones, Samsungs, Androids, Tablets and Pads.

Call us on 01903 790040 or email to have a chat.

Happy New Year!

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