Your Domain is your address on the internet. This is similar to your Real World business address except the registration needs to be maintained with the World Wide Web domain management authorities. If your Domain is not renewed then your Website disappears and your email stops working. This could have a dramatic effect on your business, but do not worry we are here to look after these valuable assets that you own.

The World Wide Web domain management authorities vary according to the Domain extension. For instance a ‘.uk’ Domain is managed by Nominet and a ‘.com’ by Tucows. There are also many rules about who is allowed to register Domains, like France only allow French residents and businesses to register a ’.fr’ Domain.

At Website Hosting Solutions we have the expertise to manage your domain for you. We work very closely with the Domain Registrars to ensure that your Domains are purchased , renewed and have the correct registration details according to the rules set down.

We maintain a 5 point renewal process to make sure your Domains are renewed in a timely manner and adhere to all your requests as the registrant, even though you may wish to transfer the Domains away from us. We will also advise you on any adverse consequences of any requests you may make.

Today there are many new TLD extensions that you may wish to purchase like our ‘.solutions’ for instance. Use the dropdown below to see TLD extensions that you may wish to own for your business:

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