Encrypt your website traffic

You may have noticed that on your browser top left corner, there is a grey ‘crossed out’ padlock when you browse websites. This is telling you that the information sent to you and from you is not encrypted, and thus could be intercepted by malicious 3rd parties. This will appear when you are on a page that is asking you for a ‘PASSWORD’ for instance.

When you go to a page where you enter your Credit Card details you should always see a green padlock indicating all is encrypted. Google is on a mission to make all website traffic encrypted (or SSL as it is known) and has incorporated this into it’s ranking algorithms.

SSL Certificates used to be expensive and have to be renewed annually. On our servers we use the free ‘Lets’ Encrypt’ Certificates for our clients to use on their websites. We recently sent out a promotional email to all our website owners, who were not SSL yet, offering to convert them for just £50+VAT. If you have not taken up this offer yet, we encourage you to do so by getting in touch with support@website-hosting.solutions.

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